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Understanding Group Health Insurance and Why You Need It

Great employees are an employer’s most valuable resource, which is why they have to do everything in their power to keep them. Employers recognize that providing high-quality group health insurance is a way to attract, retain and engage employees for the long-term.

Understanding The Finer Details About Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is coverage that employers offer to their employees that helps pay for health care expenses. The insurance company that provides the coverage will reimburse employees for a portion of their medical costs, depending on the amount and services stipulated in the plan.

In most cases, provincial healthcare plans cover employees for ‘basic’ healthcare (doctor visits and medical care) so employers will look to include additional benefits in their insurance plans.

They can sponsor a wide selection of insurance, including life insurance, vision, prescription drugs, dental insurance, and professional services such as chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy and more. Nowadays, coverage can even include access to telemedicine companies, such as Wello and GOeVisit. These services provide employees with a virtual consultation with medical practitioners. Instead of going to the doctor, employees can now have a direct virtual conversation with a medical professional to discuss general concerns, minor illnesses, as well as apply for prescriptions.

Why Get A Group Insurance Plan For Your Business?

The idea is to provide employees with a safety net in regards to their health expenses and their overall health. Employees will feel comfortable knowing that employers are concerned about their well-being and that they don’t have to spend their money on individual insurance.

For employers, the advantages are evident. High-quality group health insurance plans attract and retain employees for the long-term, but also leads to a healthier and more productive workforce. Employees that have access to medical services at a lower price will seek care, which means fewer missed days at work, higher returns from illnesses, and greater productivity.

Financially, group health insurance plans are designed to be more cost-effective for businesses. Rather than paying employees a higher wage, they can subtract the expenses and place it in the group benefits plan. That means employers pay lower payroll taxes. Furthermore, in most provinces within Canada, whatever employers pay into the group insurance plan are considered a tax-deductible business expense.

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