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Canada’s Benefits Consultants

We have nearly 30 years of experience as benefits consultants in Canada. Our goal to establish personal relationships with our clients is met explicitly through our expert consulting services. Our brand is defined by uncompromised integrity, unparalleled service, and an approachable family atmosphere. Keeping clients at the centre of all we do, we offer a myriad of resources to every company we work with, regardless of the industry. Strategic components of our consulting services include innovative plan design, financial management, claims analysis, and proactive professional advice. At Perlinger Group Benefits, we aren’t just insurance providers; we are insurance educators.

What We Offer

At Perlinger Group Benefits, we are the architects of your ideal plan. We can work together to ensure the future success of your company and the adequate protection of your employees. Innovative, flexible, and quality plan design is what we do best!

We desire you to have a plan that benefits your employees and fits into your budget. We assist you in evaluating the financial impact of investing in group health benefits and in analyzing price changes, trends, and carrier cost drivers.

We work with insurance carriers to effectively resolve claims on behalf of our clients. We also examine claims activity and analyze the potential effect on your budget and benefits plan. We step in to minimize the risk of extensive claims devastating the integrity of your plan.

Risk management involves curtailing financial vulnerability and liability for our clients. We have developed strategies to ensure your plan consistently functions in accordance with all current laws and regulations. Through our competitive market research, we can identify any risks posed by policy changes or new legislation.

As experienced benefits consultants, we are qualified to investigate, evaluate, and audit vendor performance. Our central focus is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients which is why we take the time to negotiate better rates and explore overall vendor performance.

We regularly circulate surveys to establish what employees are really looking for in a group benefits plan. We use this research to approach new and existing providers, performing acquisition due diligence, to identify and integrate the best products and the latest services.

We provide active coaching and ongoing education to our clients and their employees. Our plan administrators take care of the managerial side of things in ensuring that all plan participants are eligible, timelines are met, and correct accounting is in place.

Communication is key to our operation, and we are always available to answer your questions. We’re ready to give proactive advice regarding taxation, legislation, and market trends to employers and plan sponsors. We do all we can to ensure your success.

If you’re looking for administrative services only, you can hire us strictly as benefits consultants. We apply the same principles and level of customer service to every client and situation. Discover the power of Perlinger.

What a Benefits Consultant Can Do For You​

Do you know what to expect from a group insurance plan? Do you want a program that suits your employees and meets your budget? Are you looking for a company to help you achieve your business objectives? At Perlinger Group Benefits, our professional consulting services can take your Canadian group health insurance to the next level. Nothing is more important than establishing a relationship with our client that is open, honest, and friendly. We know that you want a way to make your plan administration more efficient and your benefits packages more affordable. Utilizing extensive market research, strategic negotiation, and comprehensive management strategies, we guarantee a positive experience with big business benefits and a small business feel. As a family-owned company, you can count on Perlinger to be personable and accessible; we promise that will never change. When you call the office, you’ll talk to a real person and have immediate access to a benefits consultant. Contact us today to get started!


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Professional Benefits Consultants

As professional benefits consultants in Canada, we believe in offering ongoing and continual support for our clients in the form of risk and vendor management, administrative services, and custom plan design through our professional services. You’ll find everything you’re looking for in an insurance broker. Our tailored services are designed to give you the best possible outcome for your investment in group health benefits.