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Group Retirement

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Canadian Group Retirement Savings Plans

A group retirement savings plan is integral to abiding employee retention and new talent recruitment. At Perlinger, we provide well-structured plans, financial planning assistance, and capital accumulation compliance assurance. At Perlinger, we‘ve partnered with Canada’s best insurance providers to get you the best small business retirement plans available. Our quality services include group registered retirement savings plans (RRSP), defined contribution pension plans (DCPP), deferred profit sharing plans (DPSP), and TFSA plans. When you choose to sponsor a group retirement savings plan, you can depend on the innovation, professionalism, and flexibility of Perlinger.

What We Offer

Our pension plans act as supplements to an individual’s Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) savings and are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. These plans are employer-sponsored, and contribution may be based upon factors such as employee age, duration of employment, and salary. Pension plans encourage employee retention and loyalty through long-term contribution schedules. The pension plans offered by Perlinger include defined contribution pension plans and defined benefits plans.
Group RRSPs are available to most Canadians. The money invested through an RRSP is tax-free until the time of withdrawal. Furthermore, every dollar contributed is eligible for a tax deduction. Unaffected by taxes, RRSPs allow for greater wealth accumulation over time. At Perlinger, we can offer advice and assessments regarding the use of and contribution to group registered retirement savings plans. In some instances, it may be beneficial to take advantage of several different investing tools.
Tax-free savings accounts are rightly named. These registered accounts allow employees to earn investment income, tax-free, inside the account. While the contributions are voluntary and not tax-deductible, the investment offers numerous financial benefits. If you are considering any of our group benefits or savings plans, we invite you to meet with one of our experts. We have extensive market knowledge and a longstanding history in the industry.
Registered with the CRA, these types of plans allow the employer to share business profits with his or her employees. DPSPs may include the entire team or only a designated group of key employees. The earnings are tax-free until withdrawn; we often recommend offering a deferred profit savings plan in conjunction with an RRSP. DPSPs are exceptionally attractive to key staff members and serve as an excellent incentive to increase profits.

Small Business Retirement Plans

Most employees hope to secure enough savings to allow them a comfortable retirement. Because we are hands-on benefits consultants, we are willing to work with employees to develop financial strategies for the future and determine the most suitable pension plans. We can help with employer-sponsored and individual retirement savings plans. Our goal is to help take the guesswork out of retirement and portfolio planning so that your employees can feel complete confidence in their future. We specialize in solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, building personal relationships with our clients, and providing the most cost-effective and relevant results. Our goal as your benefits provider is to allow you to focus entirely on your business instead of your small business pension plan.

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Get Started With a Small Business Retirement Plan

Regardless of your industry, you and your employees can benefit from a small business retirement plan. Through our ongoing research, auditing, surveying, and evaluating, we limit financial risk, secure competitive pricing, and ensure plan validity. From RRSP plans to DPSPs and DCPPs, we do it all. Working with Canada’s best insurance carriers including Sun Life, Manulife, and Industrial Alliance, we negotiate on your behalf for the best possible rates and service.