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Should I Offer My Employees Dental Insurance?

For many businesses, it is the sticking point when it comes to developing group health insurance plans: “Do I offer my employees dental insurance?”

There is only one answer to this question: Yes, you should.

And here is why.

Why You Should Offer Employees Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Is More Flexible Than Expected

There is an assumption that dental insurance is vastly expensive for businesses, big and small. But that is not the case at all. Group health insurance plans are very flexible, so it can be customized to what your business can do. You can get dental insurance that can cover a wide range of dental services including check-ups, exams, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, crowns, root canals and dentures. The plans are flexible, so your business can be flexible too.

Dental Insurance Offers Preventative Care

There is an intrinsic connection between oral health and overall health. The better your dental health, the better your overall health. So it is therefore essential to look after your teeth in the long run, and taking preventative care is vital. Dentists offer quality preventative care, so they can stop any issues from happening down the line. Being proactive means less need for your full-on dental work in the future.

It Is Essential To Employee Wellness

As we touched on it above, the healthier your employees, the better off they will be. Yes, dental work is not as dangerous as other issues, but if left untouched, it can become life hampering. If your employees are unwell and struggling with dental work, that means they are not going to be coming into work or delivering as expected. Dental insurance provides them with the incentive to go to the dentist, get themselves checked-up, get healthy and jump back into action. Dental insurance can go a long way toward keeping employees well—and keeping business running smoothly as a result.

Employees Want It Let’s face it: dental work is expensive. So no employee is going to reject the chance to have some coverage when it comes to their teeth. If you want to keep your employees around and entice them with great benefits at your work, you are going to have to provide them with some dental coverage. For small businesses, it is an effective way to compete with large companies by offering more appealing group health insurance plans to more qualified employees.

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